Pedro Fernandes

UX Design Consultant
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Short Bio

Grew up in Lisbon. Studied software engineering, then left to go study Interaction Design in London. Worked in London as creative technologist and interaction designer for media and arts organisations between 2001-2006. Worked in Paris on different interaction design and user experience projects, freelancing directly with own clients or employed fulltime at agencies such as Matchbox, TBWA\365 and Publicis Modem where he was Director of Information Architecture.

What I do

I'm a seasoned user experience lead.
I help make products, services or systems become more useful, usable and desireable by applying user-centred design principles and processes. I help businesses achieve their goals by making their presence on digital channels match user's point of view and expectations. And the other way round, I make users happier by providing solutions which match their needs. It's not only about software, there are emotional factors too.

When undertaking user experience projects I start by looking at the big picture and ask: Who are the users? What are they trying to achieve? Under which conditions? How can we help them achieve their goals? How can we delight them? How can we add value?

User-centred design methods can ensure the proposed solutions meet (and ideally exceed) user's expectations and business goals. Typical tools include conducting user research, stakeholder workshops, personas, user journeys, flow diagrams, wireframes, specifications, prototyping, user testing, and so on. I apply these tools according to the scope of projects and their intended outcome, particularly when there are specific conversion targets to be measured.

But user experience isn't just about productivity, sometimes human needs go deeper than pure functionality. The best user experiences are able to touch users at both the cognitive and emotional level, by understanding user's intrinsic motivations it's possible to design for the heart as well as the mind. Empathy and understanding of real users is the key.

Some of my current interests are serendipity (did a presentation at UX Lx conference in Lisbon on the subject), seamless cross-channel experiences, and how to integrate brand values with emotional layers of user experience.



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