Project Coach Service Design (2020)


Castorama, part of Kingfisher Group, wanted to stop being perceived as a mere retail channel for DIY products and gain a new role as a partner in their client sucess, helping them achieve their home improvement projects. Their new brand positioning also comprised becoming more eco-conscious.

Process overview




We wanted to do some deep immersion in customer's life via diary studies, observation or interviews, but when we met the Customer Insights team from Castorama we realised they had a wealth of knowledge we could build on. So we simplified our upfront research efforts and did a Service Safari, interviewed different store sellers and domain experts to gain first-hand experience and insights.




Synthesising research

After compiling all the information, I created an experience map and a customer profile for a value proposition canvas to make research findings easily digsetible and actionable.


Value Proposition Generation

Informed by customer pains, gains, jobs to be done I conducted a series of ideation workshops and identified a wide range of value propositions framed as opportunities.




Making Value Propositions Tangible: 20+ illustrations




Find market-product fit by testing Value Propositions

Now in order to find market-product fit we had to verify with real customers whoch of our value creation hypothesis actually delivered value and which ones didn't. Test results would help us fine tune market-product fit. I planned and conducted a Kano study, combining quantitative and qualitative dimensions to understand the what and the wgy.







Setting the North Star Vision

Informed by test results our future direction, our North Star became clear, now we knew which factors would maximise value creation in the long term. A mixture of features and improvements to the existing experience, and a set of brand new service concepts to be prototyped and iterated over time.



Deducing the Minimum Viable Product: Epics Backlog

Finally, by aligning the North Star with current tech + human capabilities and roadmap initiatives, we arived at a backlog for improving the Castorama customer experience in the short term, our MVP backlog.



Service Blueprint

The resulting service blueprint sums up the custumer problems we're aiming to solve and the solutions we were to put in place within two time horizons, short and long term, plus the underlying technical infrastructure and KPIs to measure success and steer the innovation process iteratively.



Castorama gave the go-ahead for starting development of the MVP but Covid slowed the process somewhat .