Personalisation Service (2021)


Dior had an exclusive personalisation service for VIP clients which was starting to get traction, so they were considering making it available to a broader market and product range, while also improving the quality of the overall Sales Associate and client experiences. My role was to research, explore and validate possible futures with SAs, envision the ideal Personalisation service and deduce the corresponding MVP and roadmap.

Discovery: Prior Research and initial vision

During the Covid epidemic it was impossible to go observe Sales Associates interact with personalisation clients in-store, so I had to start from the prior user research conducted by the Dior PO (23 staff interviews) from which they inferred their initial vision for the product.




Synthesising research

There were some interesting insights from research but the future vision seemed to lack ambition. Although many painpoints were being addressed, the solutions were mostly about mechanics, so there was plenty of room for making the overall experience more magical, and delivering on the promise of luxury: unique moments, memorable, exclusive, just for me. I organised some workshops to create a detaile dexperience map and synthesise all learnings, before re-considering the solution space.

Value Proposition Generation

Armed with a good understanding of Sales Associates jobs to be done, pains and gains, I realised many of the painpoints were being addressed already by the initial backlog. So in order to incarnate the promise of Luxury we should focus on maximising the gains and open up the solution space. I collected a set of inspiring examples and organised an ideation workshop to focus on maximising gains, rather than solving pain points. We generated over 50 featured concepts, which I combined into a set of 20 value propositions.






Making Value Propositions Tangible: 20+ illustrations

We had to make the value propositions tangible in order to better assess them oursevles and test then with Sales Associates.




Testing Value Propositions

It wasn't easy getting the Dior team to aggree to test solutions with SAs but eventually I got permission to interview 7 people and expose them to the different concepts. The initial plan was to conduct a Kano study (qualitative and quantitative) but I had to disregard the quantitative aspect because of the low number of participants. Although I collected the Kano data, the focus was on qualitative evaluation.





Future Service Vision: User Scenario

Informed by test results I wrote and illustrated a user scenario to embody the future personalisation service:a mixture of features and improvements to the existing experience, and a set of brand new service concepts to be prototyped and iterated over time.



Service Blueprint
A roadmap for iterating value propositions

The user scenario highlighted how the key components of the service adressed SA's jobs to be done, pains and gains, but I was worried people would focust too much on the solutions and forget about the problems we were trying to solve. So inorder to maintain the focus on the problems rather thn the solutions I created a kind of Service Blueprint I baptised "Value Propoisition Iterations Map". For each moment of the journey, I listed the jobs, paisn and gains, intended outcomes, value creation hypothesis, test results, ideal future scenario, tech infrastructure, backlog epics, and a priorisation by user value, business value and product scope. It is intended to be used as a dashboard and updated as we collect new information.

Blueprint Structure



A dashboard for iterating value propositions


MVP flow

The Dior team's priorities for the MVP was to start by merging their four existing apps, while explorin the other value propositions in parallel. I made a list of the key screens to brief the UX team after explaining to them the whole process, insights and crucially the Blueprint Dashboard to help them make design decisions by focusing on the problems to be solved.




The personalisation service is being developped, and should become available to a wider audience within a year!