Michelin Guide

Conception and UX design of the Michelin Guide, web and mobile (pitch material, 2010)

      Finished visuals for redesigned homepage by the creative director


The problem: Michelin wanted to create an online version of their famous guides. Time delay was very short, two weeks, and there wasn't much information about users so it was necessary to work from a set of assumptions. The crux of the project was how to handle the coexistence of high-end Michelin-starred restaurants with other non-starred ones.

Design Process

1. Understanding the problem space through the brand strategy point of view and attempt to map it to assumed user's expectations
2. Taxonomy of restaurants: star system, classification, presentation, search system
3. Exploring possible solutions, prototyping solutions for digital channels (web, mobile) via wireframes of increasing fidelity

Usage context

Useful functions

Sketching wireframes based on most used functions

Mobile use cases are somewhat different, location becomes crucial

Detailing wireframes

Visual design by the creative director


Very fast process, the most pressing difficulty was low awareness of users and their needs, so a lot had to be assumed. This highlights the problems associated with the practice of pitching without much information about users and their needs. Nevertheless the final result was a believable solution and a good starting point for future work.