Mowid video browser

Interaction design, visual design and prototyping of a video browsing application based on combining tags and videos to enable high serendipity (2008)


      Screencast of running application


While working on the information architecture of a Film catalogue for a VOD service, I realised many films fitted more than one of the categories. This led to some exploratory work for a system that would allow navigation of films across categories by combining tags. While my proposed solution wasn't adopted at the time, the idea seemed promising, so I decided to create a prototype to test the interaction principle..

Tags and Video nodes - basis of navigation system

First mockups

Suggestion > Selection > Filter > Repopulate suggestions > repeat...


Final version

A fully functional prototype was built using Youtube videos to illustrate the interaction model in action, please check the screencast at the top of the page.


This desktop app could easily be adapted to a tablet or interactive TV format.