Orange Open

Customer Experience Mapping (2016)


Orange knew they were having problems sellling their Open offer to customers. Open is their integrated ISP consumer product combining broadband+tv+mobile. So they asked DigitasLBi Paris to help them identify the key underlying problems customers were experiencing during their purchase journey and form a shared understanding internally, to produce a catalyst for change.

Discovery phase: Identifying known problems and uncovering unknown ones.

1. Analysing over 30 studies conducted internally by Orange

We started by listing the key phases of the experience. Then we began extracting all information relevant to our problem from a significant amount of documents, using an excel sheet to categorize the observations by channel and phase of the experience.

2. Workshops with business stakeholders

Then we ran a series of workshops with Orange staff (customer services, sales, marketing, IT, ...) to gain a better understanding of key problems and complaints customers were facing reported by Front End staff when selling the Open offer.


3. Briefing User Research Agency

At the same time, we briefed DesignForLucy, a French User Research agency, on what we wanted to learn from customers. We gave them a list of research questions, they went away to interview 10 Orange customers and came back with their observations and insights one month later.


4. Field Study - Orange Shop and Call Center

We did a field trip to talk to Orange shop assistants about the problems they encountered with clients when selling the Open offer and observe clients in situ. And we visited a Call Center for the same reason, interviewing staff about customer complaints and painpoints.



Map Structure

The main goal of the project was to identify priority areas that need improvement most urgently, and could be acted upon swiftly. It became apparent early on we were going to need a Customer Experience Map to communicate all the problems we found across the different channels succintly. So we organised a workshop to determine the structure for our Map. Typically we creat a grid with different moments or touchpoints on the Horizontal axis, and then we add swimlanes with different dimensions to the Vertical axis. We had already defined which moments we were mapping, so it was more a question of choosing which variables would communicate the global picture better.

Workshop: Map structure

Mapping the Experience

With the structure in place, we could now start visualising all the data we had collected during the process.

Early Draft

Final stages

Final version


For each moment of the experience, the map illustrates:

- Customer expectations

- Customer actions, what people do across digital, phone and physical channels

- Customer feelings

- Pain points, sorted by order of severity: red, orange, yellow, green

- Pain points specific to certain channels

- Special use cases and situations, cross-channel issues.



One of the key learnings was the disappointments customers were feeling after having subscribed the "Open" at the end of the journey were due to poor information and follow-up during the early stages of the process. For example, one of the key painpoints to adress was making customers aware of the different one-off costs they should expect on their first bill, or averting the loss of TV channels they had already subscribe to.

Orange France Marketing Manager was delighted with the result. The team now hared a shared understanding of which issues needed to be adressed and the Map became a tool for prioritising what should go on the roadmap.