Sainsbury's Click and Collect

Improving the Customer Journey: Pit Stop, Dispenser Pod and 3rd parties (2015)

The problem

Sainsbury's was trialling a Click an Collect service across 20 locations in the UK. The brief was to improve on the existing customer journey and make the service ready for national rollout. The initial scope only considered the digital interface elements of the journey, but soon it became apparent it was necessary to consider the wider customer experience from end to end.

User research

There's no substitute to experiencing a service first-hand when you're aiming to gain empathy for users. So I started by placing an order and documented the customer journey.

The biggest problem was around wayfinding and the lack of information first-time users have when trialing the system. These are the early adopters, if they have a bad experience they won't come back, so we want to retain them and ideally get them to talk about the service in positive terms to others. There was some interesting data on how the service had been doing since launch 6 months earlier. The data was enough to construct a proto-persona of Click and Collect customers.

Mapping the existing Customer Experience

The Click and Collect experience has two phases: booking a collection happens at a different moment from going to pick up the order. The confirmation email is the bridge that connects both moments.


In order to improve the experience we need to consider the customer journey in its entirety, merely focusing on the digital aspects of booking a slot wouldn't make much difference to customers comparing the service with competitors.

Reasons to prefer Sainsbury's

Click and Collect has to be
. Quicker
. Cheaper
. More convenient
than every other option.


Brainstorming possible solutions



Sketching solutions

New Service Concepts

1. The Pit Stop
Customers are in a hurry. Just deliver shopping straight to the car boot without driver even switching off the motor. Make them feel special in a way that goes beyond their expectations to engender brand preference.

New Service Concepts

2. The Collection Pod

New Service Concepts

3. Social Distribution



New Customer Journeys for picking up an order

Van in Sainsbury's car park

Pit Stop

Collection Pod

UI elements


The confirmation email is the key between the booking and collection moments of the journey. Optimised for mobile.

User Scenario - Pit Stop

Bringing the different ideas together on a single user journey

Work in progress

Four delivery modes will be tested across 100 locations in the UK during 2015. These include the Pit Stop model, the Collection Pod and 3rd party locations, in addition to the original Van. It was great to see how user research helped shape business perception of what was important to customers, and what new services to trial in addition to the initial scope. By considering the whole journey across digital and non-digital channels it is possible to create better experiences for customers and generate higher impact for businesses in terms of profit and brand awareness.