UEFA Statistics

Interaction design and information visualisation for UEFA.com game statistics (pitch, 2009)


The problem: UEFA collects an enormous amount of data on its football matches, and this is interesting to football fans, but is not beingpresented in an easily digestible format. We want to propose an application to visualise this information.

Design Process

1. Understand the problem space through the user's point of view
2. Create a series of visualisations to understand which data is relevant according to usage contexts
3. Once visualisations are established, create an app interface to navigate and customise the visualisations

Research and Insights

Visualising match information

Ideation - web app interface

Chosen concept

From the different app interfaces this one seemd the simplest and most intuitive. Users could search for specific information and pan on a landscape of widgets, coming across all sorts of data related to the search. An efortless way to consume statistics.


The concept was presented to UEFA, received a rather positive feedback and formed the basis for further development of their widget system.